Accessible Home Services
Adaptive remodeling, wheelchair and scooter ramps, grab bars installation and custom accessibility solutions
Accessible Home Services
Quality is in the details!Alex Hughes is an all around handyman, project taskmaster & general contractor with over 20 years of performing all types of residential and commercial repairs, renovations and remodeling jobs. He has done extensive work making sure all areas of his family home is scooter & wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Home Services performs all work on a time plus materials format. We have no service charge to get a craftsman to your property. For most home services we have a very reasonable hourly rate (with a two-hour minimum) in addition to any material goods purchased for your project.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Our reputation and continued success requires you are completely satisfied with the service we provide. We guarantee to provide an ethical and professional business service. We guarantee all labor and any materials purchased by us for one year.

Call us at 281-451-3723

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